Education Internet

Education networks are the core of everything Vero does. Vero specializes in building and operating fiber networks for the K-12 segment and provides the most advanced, reliable, and lowest-cost networks.


Custom Private Fiber Networks for School Districts

A new private high-speed fiber network will support your district's needs for 20+ years, connecting schools and non-instructional facilities to a central hub, usually the admin building. Vero can build your private network with E-rate Category One finding.

Connectivity Options

Leased Lit Fiber

Vero's lit fiber optic networks utilize dedicated strands of fiber and equipment that connect each of your locations. The fiber is lit by Vero using dedicated equipment with speeds of up to 100Gbps. Vero's private fiber networks are available in Wavelength, Ethernet, and Layer 3 configurations.

Leased Dark Fiber

Dark Fiber services are dedicated fiber optic strands (wire) that connect each of your locations. Each pair of fibers create a circuit capable of transmitting and receiving terabits of data. The fiber is "lit" by connecting to the organization's network equipment.

What is a Private Fiber Network?

Benefits of a Private Fiber Network

Unbelievably FAST and Ultra Scalable

Technology changes fast! Vero Network lets you change it as you need. Dedicated fiber supports virtually any speed and with Vero's unlimited bandwidth promise, there is no cost to upgrade.


You have better things to do than spend all day on hold with technical support. Private Fiber Networks are the most reliable method to connect your sites. Set it and forget it!


With dedicated private fiber networks, there are no other customers or equipment to cause any degradation in the speed and performance. You get 100% of the bandwidth.

Future Growth

Start with 10Gigs standard today, and upgrade by simply changing out inexpensive plug & play optronics. Plus, additional fiber is available for future growth and applications.

Low, Fixed Costs

Shared networks often cost a lot and even more when your needs increase. The more bandwidth you use, the more it costs. But with dedicated private networks, there are no charges for increased bandwidth. Go ahead and use more!

Proud to Serve School Districts Across the Country!

Nederland ISD

"The transition to the VERO network was painless and we couldn't have been more pleased with the installation and cut-over. We are very excited about our educational partnership with VERO."

- Cindy Laird, Director of Instructional Technology

Caruthersville School District

"Vero has been instrumental in helping us develop an incredibly fast network that will solve our needs for decades to come

- Wayne Smith, IT Director

Brady ISD

"We are so excited that Vero upgraded our outdated fixed wireless network with a future proof private fiber network.

- Judy Fincher, District PEIMS Director