Need More From Your TV and Internet Package?

Upgrade your basic package to get the amenities you need!

Your HOA provided service includes a Vero WiFi Managed router and 250mbps Fiber Internet

Here's what you can expect from your existing service:

  • No Buffering: Industry leading speed and performance.
  • Unlimited Data: No unnecessary data caps or slowdowns during peak hours.
  • No Contracts: Easy month-to-month pricing with no annual commitment or fake promotions.
  • No Hidden Fees: We don’t charge any additional install, setup or activation fees.
  • Same Upload and Download Speeds: Join video calls, share files and send emails faster.

Add a Vero WiFi Extender for $10/Mo

Vero WiFi extenders can help ensure a you recieve a great internet experience in every room of your home. Extenders extend the range of your WiFi router, eliminating dead zones and improving the speed and reliability of your internet service.

Call to Order: (970) 230 8376
500mbps internet speed dial


per month

Fast and reliable 500Mbps connection for smooth streaming, online gaming and multiple device connections. Ideal for households with moderate internet use.

1000mbps internet speed dial


per month

Ultra-fast 1 Gig connection for 4K streaming, quick downloads and responsive online gaming. Perfect for heavy internet users and households with multiple devices.

How To Install Your WiFi Extender

Connect your BLAST u4m extender to a power outlet
When the LED is flashing red, you can pair the BLAST u4m with the BLAST u6. Press and hold the WPS buttons on the BLAST u4m and then the BLAST u6 for 3 seconds each (less than 30 seconds apart). The LED will flash green while attempting to pair.
NOTE: Once successful pairing is complete, the BLAST and GigaMesh LEDs will both show a solid light blue color. It may take several minutes to reach this state.
Use the solid green LED indicator that displays for 60 seconds at end of pairing cycle to determine the ideal location for the GigaMesh. If necessary, relocate it to a more ideal distance from the BLAST and confirm successful pairing after the GigaMesh reboots (repeating steps 2-3 as needed).
BLAST u4m location is ideal distance from the BLAST u6.
Ideal: Steady State
Move BLAST u4m close to the BLAST u6.
Too far: Slow Blink (1000 msec)
Move BLAST u4m farther away from the BLAST u6.
Too close: Fast Blink (250msec)
If applicable, use the Vero WiFi app to set up the BLAST.
Call to Order: (970) 230 8376

Your HOA provided service includes a Vero TV with Basic TV Programming, TiVo + and access to the Vero TV App.

Add a Vero TV Premium Experience for $10/Mo

Vero TV Premium Experience Includes:

  • 100 Hours of Cloud DVR
  • Profiles- Customize your own viewing preferences
  • Expanded Global Search – Find what you want to watch faster than ever
  • Mobile App – Take Vero TV with you on your smart phone or tablet*

*Out-of-home programming restrictions may apply on mobile devices.

Call to Order: (970) 230 8376